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Look at this Beauty!

I recently bought this antique sewing machine and it looks just lovely!  Built by Frister & Rossman this machine is thought to be pre World War One and dates back to around 1903.

Frister & Rossman founded in 1864 close to Berlin, Germany.  Around 1870 they started shipping machines to England and it became Germany’s largest sewing machine manufacturer until 1902.  By 1903 they had produced over ONE MILLION MACHINES.

You can see from the photos, this machine was marked ‘Made in Berlin’.  Any pre-war machine proudly marked the country of origin however post-war, the manufacturing country was never mentioned.

The last Frister & Rossman family member retired in the 1990’s and the company is still a renowned sewing machine name in Great Britain today.

I’m not sure I’ll be using this one to make my lovely products, however it certainly is a great work of art to look at!

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