Welcome to Out of Sails, where you’ll discover a collection of original designs I’ve made by hand.

My journey began in 2018 with an inherited sewing machine and a selection of weathered sails sourced from Sail 4 Cancer, an organisation dedicated to fundraising for charity. Sail owners often part with their sails after varying periods of use, and without proper recycling, these sails would ultimately end up as landfill waste. By upcycling these sails into practical everyday items, I am playing my part, no matter how small, in environmental conservation. I make a conscious effort to use every inch of the sail material, and I also salvage any useful clips, shackles, or lines, recognizing their potential for future projects.

Each creation is entirely unique, cut from different sections of a sail. While some pieces may bear marks or discoloration, showcase the original stitching by sail-makers or even the boats logo, these imperfections only enhance the individual character of each item.

Based in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire, I’m lucky to live and work in such a beautiful area. The Solent is one of the busiest sailing areas in the UK hosting the infamous Cowes Week and Round the Island Race.

Growing up in the landlocked West Midlands, far from the sea, my parents made an unexpected decision to purchase a sailboat, despite never having sailed before. It turned out to be a decision they never regretted. The boat was launched while my Mum was pregnant with me, so I acquired my sea legs before I was even born!

Fast forward a few years, and I relocated to Portsmouth to pursue a career in the marina industry. Along the way, I’ve owned two sailboats: a Jaguar 21 and a Feeling 286, both of which I skippered in the Round the Island Race.

The beginning of Out of Sails was quite spontaneous, born out of an accidental discovery of my hidden creativity. I figured, why not give it a shot and see where it leads? Initially, I crafted a few bags for friends, who were genuinely impressed and encouraged me to expand my products. Their feedback and constructive criticism proved instrumental in the range of products I now offer for sale.

I enjoy creating each of these products, especially when I get to work with different coloured sails. Each item holds its own unique charm, with distinct marks and characteristics. Although I may not always know the full story behind the sail, I love to let my imagination wander, envisioning the adventures it might have embarked upon. I hope you enjoy all the products I make, and if you’re interested in creating your own design please contact me.

Happy sailing 🙂