Nautical Knots Single


This is a glass framed section of chart with a single nautical knot displayed within.  Each item is unique as different sections of charts will be used and the display of the knots will vary.

  • Wooden box frame
  • Recycled nautical charts
  • Recycled ropes used for the knots
  • Frame Dimensions:  W12cm x H12cm x D3.5cm
  • Picture Dimensions: W7.5m x H7.5cm

Please specify your choice of knot from the following (enter in the order notes section at checkout):

  • Reef Knot
  • Sheet Bend
  • Granny Knot
  • Hangman’s Knot
  • Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches
  • Clove Hitch
  • Bowline
  • Monkey’s Fist
  • Figure of Eght

NB: These nautical knots are made from recycled charts and ropes so you may find general marks which adds to the character! Each item is completely unique as its cut from different parts of a chart and the knot layout is varied, so your item will differ from the images shown.





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