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I make the washbag using sail cloth and a little piece of spinnaker sail for the handle.  Generally the washbags are made from traditional white sails, however at the moment I am also using an old Mirror Dinghy sail (orange) and a North Sails sail bag (dark blue) which look great.

When I made my first washbag I was planning on making a more rounded shape, however I found an old bag in the cupboard which was a perfect size and I decided to base my design on that one.  They all have a plastic chunky zip which suits the style and material.   The bag measures 22cm x 14cm x 8cm so all of your toiletry essentials will easily fit inside. 

You may want to use the wash bag for something different.  One of my customers is a keen cyclist and carries all of his puncture repair kit inside on his daily commute to work.  That’s why these products are great as they are so versatile.

I love making these wash bags although they do take a little longer than some of my other products, that is partly due to the addition of the zip but also the hem is double sewn to prevent fraying edges inside the bag.

At only £10 each these bags are a great addition to your travelling wardrobe.

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