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Whenever I attend a show the glasses/phone pouch is always a good seller, probably because it is something that we all use at some point. Most customers buy them for glasses however a few people have said they are going to use it for their mobile phone and I also have made some slightly larger versions for larger smart phones.

The pouch is made from spinnaker sail as it is softer than sail cloth. It is then lined with a fleece fabric which gives the contents protection and can also be used as a cleaning cloth when turned inside out. The pouch is secured with drawstring keeping the contents safe inside.

Very well made, with a soft fleece lining to protect your glasses, which also doubles up a decent cleaning cloth too. The vivid purple is stunning, a fab product, and the fact it’s been upcycled makes it all the better!

I was given one of these pouches as a gift and it’s great, would definitely recommend’

The pouch was the first product I started making and I’m looking forward to making plenty more in the future!

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